Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Entering Competitions on Facebook - Part Two (Likes and shares)

Ok, so you have set up your facebook as per part one. So what next?!

Well the standard facebook competition is the 'like and share'. There are differing views on if these are any good or not. I do a lot of them with very little return. So many people are now doing them which decreased the chances of winning. If you catch a small company just started out then you may stand a chance but don't hold your breathe on the bigger ones. I am trying to do less of these and spend my time doing online direct application ones instead..... however I love my FB friends so always end up going back to them!

Its up to you if you do them. I am just here to tell you how!

  • You MUST click on the picture to open it. So many people like and share the post that I have shared. This does not enter you, You need to click on the pic to open the original post.
  • READ THE POST IN FULL. Some companies make it compulsory to comment, others to sign up to a newsletter etc. Read it so you know what you need to do.
  • Make sure you like the company. You do this by clicking LIKE which is under the company name which is either at the top right of the picture or under the picture.
  • Always like the picture (even if you are NOT entering that comp), that way you know that you have seen that comp and actioned it in whatever way you wanted to.
  • If the rules say so, share the post. If they ask you to tag the company or write whatever they ask you to. To tag a company just type @ and the company name and hopefully FB will put in the company name.
  • If the rules say so, or just because you want to, comment on the post. What you write it up to you in some cases or what you are told in others. 'Liked and shared' is a generally used comment.
  • Tag friends in the comments if you want to or are told to. To do this type @ and choose which friend you want to tag. You can only tag a certain amount in each comment, if you need to do more just comment again. Please make sure you only tag people who are happy to be tagged. It can get very annoying when you are tagged over and over and over by different people.
  • Some companies will ask you to tag a picture. If you already like the company, the tag option will be available under the picture. Just click it, type the beginning of your name, click on your name and click finished tagging under the pic. If you dont already like the company then like them, close the pic, reopen the pic and do the same as above. You wont get the tag option until you close and reopen the pic. FB only allows 49 tags per picture so not everyone will get to do it. If no tags are left just say so in the comments.
  • Remember, as per part one, all shares must be public. 
To find like and share comps just look in your news feed. Its likely you will find loads there. You may have certain friends who do loads of them so ask if its ok if you stalk their wall. Most people are fine with this (feel free to stalk me!) but please do thank them for it. 

How do you find out if you have won? Companies do this in different ways. Some will post and tag you. Others will post your name and not tag you. Some will send you a PM. 
ALWAYS check your 'other' inbox. Your inbox only shows messages from your friends, messages from non friends or companies will go into your other box. So many people miss out on wins because they don't check their other box! Look out for winners names and if you are friends with them, tag them to make sure they know about the win and to congratulate them. Hopefully your friends will tag you if they see that you have own. There are also a few FB groups where winners details are posted. I wont post them here because I havent asked permission from the admins but just search FB or ask your friends.

Finally, be nice! Don't be jealous, well ok you can be jealous inside but don't blame the winner or be mean to them because of your feelings. I love seeing my friends win, yes sometimes I am gutted that I didnt win it but next time it may be them jealous of me :)  Friends are vital for successful FB comping so treat them well. 

So thats it for past two. Let me know if there is anything I forgot or you dont understand. Remember to enter my competition while you are here :)



  1. Great tips - I keep being asked for advice on Facebook comping but my area of expertise is really more Twitter so I'll point people over here in future


  2. Thank you for the useful info.

  3. Great tips! I will send some new comping friends to your blog as I couldn't have explained it better myself! :) x