Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sometimes the lucky dust falls

As mentioned in my welcome post, I love entering competitions. I am pretty much a full time comper who enters about 300 a week. Whilst there is luck involved in comping, its also about odds. The more you enter the more chance you have of winning

I only started in January this year and to date have won about £6000 worth of prizes. Whilst that doesn't work out at a good hourly rate of pay, its still provided my family with things we wouldn't normally have.

Over the summer I hardly won anything. A few little bits and pieces but nothing of note. However the tables have turned at long last! I used to keep a list of things I have won but kept forgetting to put things on it so gave up in the end, so off the top of my head in the past month I have won:

  1. One night stay in a 5* hotel in London worth £560 (
  2. Pair of tickets to a live event of my choice (
  3. One night stay in a 4* hotel in a choice of 17 places in UK (
  4. A ladies bike (from
  5. Childs scooter (also from
  6. Nexus 7 tablet (
  7. Halloween witch morthsuit (
  8. Pair of nude Hotpants (from
  9. Dr Dre Beats Solo Headphones  (
  10. Pair of tickets to the X Factor Final (
  11. Nokia Lumia 920 (
  12. Set4Sport Play Date Bag
  13. Moshi Monster toys
  14. Stella McCartney perfume
  15. Pair of tickets to a Health and Wellbeing show
  16. 21,000 nectar points
  17. 3 x books
  18. Mug
  19. Vitamins
  20. Hay fever nose spray
I'm sure I have missed a few small bits and pieces but you are getting the idea!

What is quite scary is that DH has asked me to get him a Nexus 7 or 10 for christmas .... now I don't have to pay for it!!

I recently ran my own competition on Facebook to get rid of a few prizes that I had no need for. I titled it my Karma competition, and it seems to have worked.

Until next time .... Lucky dust and TTFN xx


  1. What a great list of prizes...and may it grow even bigger :)

  2. I sure hope so but I think some of my comping friends would like me to pass the lucky dust to them instead :)

  3. Wow! That's a great list! I started comping in Jan this year to-what am i doing wrong?!!! Lol cc

    1. ooohhh now there's an idea for a blog post .... do's and don't of comping and how to increase your chances of winning .... watch this space ;)

  4. Loved reading about your wins, I started comping in May, I had a great start winning an XBox console in the first few weeks but as the months have gone on the wins have dried up and hey, I probably enter in the region of 100/day! I live in hope lol, and reading about other's wins keeps my comping mojo going. Well done Kirstie and thanks for the entertaining blog :)