Saturday, 13 October 2012


So everyone seems to be jumping on the blogging bandwagon so I thought I would join them!

Now I know the advice is to blog about something specific, but see thats just not me. I am a random person living in a random world so why should my blog be any different?! So I will be writing about anything I feel like at the time. A post may interest you or not, if it does join in and if it doesn't then just wait for the next one that does.

So lets start with introductions.

Hi! I'm Kirstie, 35 years old and mum of one lovely 7 year old girl who will be referred to as DD throughout the blog. For those of you who are not familiar with forum talk DD stands for Darling Daughter however this changes depending on behaviour of said daughter so could be Dangerous Daughter, Devious Daughter, Daring Daughter etc etc etc. I may also refer to DH which is Darling Husband; however this husband does not live with us.

We live in a lovely little village in South Devon with a collection of animals ... currently 2 cats (with a 3rd arriving today), a mental boxer dog and 2 guinea pigs. We will soon be adding to this with 3 chickens.

Until 2 years ago I worked as an Area Manager for a Charity but a hospital admission and ill health ever since has left me unable to work. I hope to return to work at some point in the future as I'm not really designed to be a stay at home mum but I need to wait until my health is better first.

I am a 'tell it as it is' type person who is generally open and honest. I feel very strongly that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but they must be aware that opinions are NOT facts! Agreeing to differ is not a sign of weakness and not an admission that you are right or wrong.

My main hobbies are entering competitions and crochet. I love to read both fiction and non fiction but am currently finding it hard to find anything that keeps my attention. I go through stages of trying out new hobbies; currently I am going to the gym but I doubt that will last long ;) I do love my computer and spend a lot of time on it. I also own a saxaphone but can't play it!  One day I will learn.

Right, thats enough info for now. I need to leave some info for future posts. If you pop by then please say hi.

Until next time TTFN x


  1. I think your very brave starting a blog kirstie, i don't have the intelligence to do something like this so well done on jumping on the bandwagon as u put it xx good luck with it hunni xx

  2. Thank you. I'm sure you could do it but it does take up valuable comping time!!