Thursday, 24 January 2013

Time, time and more time (or lack of)

Sorry I haven't posted for a looong time. Went on holiday for 10 days, then Christmas, then some personal issues.

For those that aren't friend with me on FB, I had a great win just before Christmas. £5000 to spend on a holiday of my choice! I have still not decided where to go but I am leaning towards volunteering in Keyna for 2 weeks followed by a week on the beach. Initally wanted to go to China but not so sure now, its so hard to decide, the world is a big place!  Feel free to comment with some ideas.

Its been a slow start to 2013. A few small prizes but thats it. However I've not entered that many comps since Christmas due to the above mentioned personal issues. I just can't seem to get in to the swing of things again. Last year I won approx £11,000 worth of prizes, I want to beat that this year but need to get my head down and get on with it otherwise I have no hope.

I promise I will post soon to carry on my tutorials of entering comps plus other random posts.


Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Entering Competitions on Facebook - Part Two (Likes and shares)

Ok, so you have set up your facebook as per part one. So what next?!

Well the standard facebook competition is the 'like and share'. There are differing views on if these are any good or not. I do a lot of them with very little return. So many people are now doing them which decreased the chances of winning. If you catch a small company just started out then you may stand a chance but don't hold your breathe on the bigger ones. I am trying to do less of these and spend my time doing online direct application ones instead..... however I love my FB friends so always end up going back to them!

Its up to you if you do them. I am just here to tell you how!

  • You MUST click on the picture to open it. So many people like and share the post that I have shared. This does not enter you, You need to click on the pic to open the original post.
  • READ THE POST IN FULL. Some companies make it compulsory to comment, others to sign up to a newsletter etc. Read it so you know what you need to do.
  • Make sure you like the company. You do this by clicking LIKE which is under the company name which is either at the top right of the picture or under the picture.
  • Always like the picture (even if you are NOT entering that comp), that way you know that you have seen that comp and actioned it in whatever way you wanted to.
  • If the rules say so, share the post. If they ask you to tag the company or write whatever they ask you to. To tag a company just type @ and the company name and hopefully FB will put in the company name.
  • If the rules say so, or just because you want to, comment on the post. What you write it up to you in some cases or what you are told in others. 'Liked and shared' is a generally used comment.
  • Tag friends in the comments if you want to or are told to. To do this type @ and choose which friend you want to tag. You can only tag a certain amount in each comment, if you need to do more just comment again. Please make sure you only tag people who are happy to be tagged. It can get very annoying when you are tagged over and over and over by different people.
  • Some companies will ask you to tag a picture. If you already like the company, the tag option will be available under the picture. Just click it, type the beginning of your name, click on your name and click finished tagging under the pic. If you dont already like the company then like them, close the pic, reopen the pic and do the same as above. You wont get the tag option until you close and reopen the pic. FB only allows 49 tags per picture so not everyone will get to do it. If no tags are left just say so in the comments.
  • Remember, as per part one, all shares must be public. 
To find like and share comps just look in your news feed. Its likely you will find loads there. You may have certain friends who do loads of them so ask if its ok if you stalk their wall. Most people are fine with this (feel free to stalk me!) but please do thank them for it. 

How do you find out if you have won? Companies do this in different ways. Some will post and tag you. Others will post your name and not tag you. Some will send you a PM. 
ALWAYS check your 'other' inbox. Your inbox only shows messages from your friends, messages from non friends or companies will go into your other box. So many people miss out on wins because they don't check their other box! Look out for winners names and if you are friends with them, tag them to make sure they know about the win and to congratulate them. Hopefully your friends will tag you if they see that you have own. There are also a few FB groups where winners details are posted. I wont post them here because I havent asked permission from the admins but just search FB or ask your friends.

Finally, be nice! Don't be jealous, well ok you can be jealous inside but don't blame the winner or be mean to them because of your feelings. I love seeing my friends win, yes sometimes I am gutted that I didnt win it but next time it may be them jealous of me :)  Friends are vital for successful FB comping so treat them well. 

So thats it for past two. Let me know if there is anything I forgot or you dont understand. Remember to enter my competition while you are here :)


Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Competitions on Facebook. PART ONE - getting started

Ok, so due to popular demand here is my guide to comping on FB. I will probably forget something so feel free to comment and I will be happy to update this post.

I am going to do this in installments so people can jump to the post they want rather than having to read through all of it. However, even if you have been FB coming for years, its always good to check for any new advice.

So ... how to get started.

  1. I know this is against FB rules but consider setting up a new profile for comping only. This is for 2 reasons. First and foremost is because everything you do needs to be available for public viewing and all your details need to be available for companies to access. Personally, I don't want everyone to see everything I do on my personal FB account. Due to this I have my comping FB account which contains very limited information about me, only details that I am happy to share with the world. The second reason is because you will have to share A LOT of pictures, statuses and posts; it will annoy the hell out of your 'normal' FB friends! I learnt this the hard way :)
  2. Have a dedicated email address to use for comping only. I currently receive about 500 emails a day and am noticing more and more spam as my email address spreads around the net. I will do a separate post about how to organise your inbox to make life easier when comping. Hotmail or gmail is ideal for a new account. They are easy to set up and easy to close if / when the spam gets too much. Bear in mind that gmail is good if you want to enter competition on blogs as it makes it easier to follow most of them (again, I will do a post about blog comping soon).
  3. Next you need to sort out your FB settings. Basically, the easiest way to do it is to set everything to public. This can be done under privacy settings. When you share posts the companies need to be able to see you have done it, the only way to do this is to share as public. I also advise that you go in to account settings / notifications and uncheck everything so that no emails are sent to you. You will get enough emails just from entering comps so you really dont want the hassle of deleting 100's more emails from FB!
  4. Now add a picture to your FB account. It doesnt have to be a photo of you. If you want a little privacy, add a picture of your dog, cat, car etc etc. The important thing is that you have a picture. A person without a picture is often referred to as a 'shadow' because FB just show a white outline of a person on a blue background. I, and a lot of other compers, dont accept friend requests from shadows. There is no reason at all not to have a picture so I find is suspicious when someone doesnt bother. Could it be they are a cheater who has quickly set up a new account? Or someone who uses multiple accounts to enter comps? Who knows, but its too dodgy for my liking.
  5. FB comping doesnt work without comping friends so you need to collect some :)  Most people start comping because they know someone who does it already .... if thats the case, ask that friend to make some friend suggestions for you to get started. A good way of finding some like minded people is here . This is a group set up purely for finding new comping friends. You need to ask to become part of it but you will be accepted; its just in place to avoid spammers entering. Always add new friends SLOWLY. Don't invite more than 10 in one go otherwise FB will ban you from adding friends for a fixed amount of time. Invite about 10 at a time. Come back in a few hours to do some more.
    FB will stop you adding new friends if they suspect you are adding people you don't know in the outside world. To avoid this, only add those who have posted in the group or who your friends have recommended. Over time you will begin to see people who comp regularly and generally its ok to take the risk of inviting them as friends; we are all usually happy to have more like minded friends.

    As a side note to the above, and useful for all ....  Keep your friends list up to date as there is no point spending time inviting people to comps when they no longer enter any. Compers come and go quite a lot! A tip given to me, which I now use, is to look at someones profile on their birthday to check if they still comp. FB tells you who's bday it is on the top right of your newsfeed.
  6. Get a form filler! I enter 100's of comps a week and there is no way my hands would cope with typing my name and address that many times! Some browsers will fill in forms for you and this is a good way to start with. I have progressed from that to a programme called RoboForm as I find it easier to use. RoboForm has a basic free version which I used for a while but then I quite happily paid a small amount to upgrade. Use whatever you feel happy with but, seriously, use something
OK. So I am going to stop there. This will have got your accounts set up and ready to go. I will shortly post about how to enter the competitions; am trying to keep each post short and easy to use.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sometimes the lucky dust falls

As mentioned in my welcome post, I love entering competitions. I am pretty much a full time comper who enters about 300 a week. Whilst there is luck involved in comping, its also about odds. The more you enter the more chance you have of winning

I only started in January this year and to date have won about £6000 worth of prizes. Whilst that doesn't work out at a good hourly rate of pay, its still provided my family with things we wouldn't normally have.

Over the summer I hardly won anything. A few little bits and pieces but nothing of note. However the tables have turned at long last! I used to keep a list of things I have won but kept forgetting to put things on it so gave up in the end, so off the top of my head in the past month I have won:

  1. One night stay in a 5* hotel in London worth £560 (
  2. Pair of tickets to a live event of my choice (
  3. One night stay in a 4* hotel in a choice of 17 places in UK (
  4. A ladies bike (from
  5. Childs scooter (also from
  6. Nexus 7 tablet (
  7. Halloween witch morthsuit (
  8. Pair of nude Hotpants (from
  9. Dr Dre Beats Solo Headphones  (
  10. Pair of tickets to the X Factor Final (
  11. Nokia Lumia 920 (
  12. Set4Sport Play Date Bag
  13. Moshi Monster toys
  14. Stella McCartney perfume
  15. Pair of tickets to a Health and Wellbeing show
  16. 21,000 nectar points
  17. 3 x books
  18. Mug
  19. Vitamins
  20. Hay fever nose spray
I'm sure I have missed a few small bits and pieces but you are getting the idea!

What is quite scary is that DH has asked me to get him a Nexus 7 or 10 for christmas .... now I don't have to pay for it!!

I recently ran my own competition on Facebook to get rid of a few prizes that I had no need for. I titled it my Karma competition, and it seems to have worked.

Until next time .... Lucky dust and TTFN xx

Saturday, 13 October 2012


So everyone seems to be jumping on the blogging bandwagon so I thought I would join them!

Now I know the advice is to blog about something specific, but see thats just not me. I am a random person living in a random world so why should my blog be any different?! So I will be writing about anything I feel like at the time. A post may interest you or not, if it does join in and if it doesn't then just wait for the next one that does.

So lets start with introductions.

Hi! I'm Kirstie, 35 years old and mum of one lovely 7 year old girl who will be referred to as DD throughout the blog. For those of you who are not familiar with forum talk DD stands for Darling Daughter however this changes depending on behaviour of said daughter so could be Dangerous Daughter, Devious Daughter, Daring Daughter etc etc etc. I may also refer to DH which is Darling Husband; however this husband does not live with us.

We live in a lovely little village in South Devon with a collection of animals ... currently 2 cats (with a 3rd arriving today), a mental boxer dog and 2 guinea pigs. We will soon be adding to this with 3 chickens.

Until 2 years ago I worked as an Area Manager for a Charity but a hospital admission and ill health ever since has left me unable to work. I hope to return to work at some point in the future as I'm not really designed to be a stay at home mum but I need to wait until my health is better first.

I am a 'tell it as it is' type person who is generally open and honest. I feel very strongly that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but they must be aware that opinions are NOT facts! Agreeing to differ is not a sign of weakness and not an admission that you are right or wrong.

My main hobbies are entering competitions and crochet. I love to read both fiction and non fiction but am currently finding it hard to find anything that keeps my attention. I go through stages of trying out new hobbies; currently I am going to the gym but I doubt that will last long ;) I do love my computer and spend a lot of time on it. I also own a saxaphone but can't play it!  One day I will learn.

Right, thats enough info for now. I need to leave some info for future posts. If you pop by then please say hi.

Until next time TTFN x